Virtual press conference

The press conference has begun.  Ask your questions by leaving a comment below.

The conference is about two different releases.  There is the ONS baby names 2010 release, and the BIS trade union statistics for 2011.


4 thoughts on “Virtual press conference

  1. Concefrned. Derby says:

    I have a question. Why do you not add up qll the variant spellings?

    • sumitrahman says:

      The main difficulty is that people might not agree with the choices we make about which names are the same and which aren’t. By publishing in this way, people can group together names in whichever fashion they want.

  2. GW says:

    Who cares about Trade unions? Why is this governmetn wasting our money collecting statitics on something the Labout Party should do?

    • sumitrahman says:

      we produce statistics where we are confident there is a user demand for them. In this case interested users include academics, students, and businesses that do research into industrial practices

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