Trying out another blog provider

Here is a new blog provider as I try to decide which service to use for liveblogging the conference and for the live Q&A/fake press conference.

If you are able to read this and make comments from your work PC then please let me know in your comments right now!

And if you have any preferences on which blog design I should use you can let me know that too.


6 thoughts on “Trying out another blog provider

  1. Sumit (BIS) says:

    Leaving a comment from a BIS PC!

  2. Sophie (using HO computer) says:

    just testing…

  3. Chris McKee says:

    Chris in DECC, using a departmental computer. I quite like the layout of this blog compared to the other two.

  4. Jim (DfT) says:

    This looks promising, as if it will let me comment. Also agree with Chris about the layout on this one.

  5. nickie says:

    I just see a text html sort of thing – not as exciting as the others?1

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